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What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a focused state of consciousness during which the subconscious, emotional mind is open to suggestion. During hypnosis, the body and mind are in a relaxed, neutral state, while the subconscious feelings remain awake and receptive to suggestions. Some people think that they are put into a “Trance”. This is not the case. You are in a total focused state of relaxation. You are aware of everything going on around you. The most interesting thing about hypnosis is the time distortion. Most of my clients think that they have only been in hypnosis for a few minutes when in actuality, it has been 30 to 60 minutes.

Is Hypnosis Medically Approved? Yes. The American Medical Association and The American Psychiatric Association have approved hypnotherapy for use by certified, professionally trained, responsible individuals.
How does hypnosis help people? The ability to reprogram emotional attitudes and reactions is a latent talent within every human being. Hypnosis is the most functional and reasonable way to re-train life-long attitudes, rather than suffer a lifetime of emotional incidents the conscious mind is unable to change.

Can any person be Hypnotized? Every person responds to hypnosis; most people can be hypnotized without exception. The depth of hypnosis varies with a person's ability to respond. If you are not a naturally responsive subject, you can improve your receptivity to hypnosis with practice. However, people with a mind altering condition such as schizophrenia are usually not good subjects for hypnosis.

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?
No. The induction of hypnosis is never dangerous to the subject, although personal disappointments may arise because of unrealistic expectations or preconceived misinformation. The TV, Movies, and books do not usually represent Hypnosis in its true form. Remember, these modalities are selling their product. So, they must “glorify” the drama. In actuality, a person will never do anything after a hypnosis session that they would not normally do.
In what Areas is Hypnotherapy Helpful?
Hypnotherapy has been proven effective in stop smoking, lose weight, insomnia, impotence, stuttering, nail biting, grief, panic and anxiety, hypertension, fear, improve study and recall skills, career planning, loss and separation, public speaking, sales skills, develop positive self image and many more including life and past-life regression therapy.

Dynamic Changes!
The changes that Hypnotherapy can create are active and potent, setting a new direction that is full of force and energy. It is far more than breaking out of ingrained habit patterns; it is building a better future. "Freeing" is a word that vividly describes this change and growth process-the act of freeing yourself from stifling patterns, negative addictions, and unwanted habits. "Freeing" yourself of old patterns is breaking away and rising above what you may perceive as a dead past of a futile present. This can happen on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level-or it can happen on all these levels at the same time.