Nettie Journals
01 Nettie's Language 3:06
02 Without Words 1:16
03 Can I, May I 2:22
04 If I Could 1:08
05 Answers 2:31
06 My Garden 1:04
07 It's Here 0:45
08 Love 0:43
09 Love II 4:49
10 Life 1:12
11 Remember 0:50
12 Chuang TZU 0:50
13 Connected to God 2:50
14 God Speaks 1:55
15 My God's Name is Tom 3:29
16 God's Name Explained 0:51
17 God Talking I 3:17
18 God Talking II 3:34
19 Motorcycles 3:59
20 Computers 2:27
21 The Wicker Furniture 5:42
22 Attic 7:53
(C) Nettie Morse 2001
"Writing in a journal has given me the gift of being able to measure my growing up.

I find wisdom on the pages. I have connected my maturing with tears and laughter. My desire is that you will enjoy these words with me as I have in writing and recording them.

I write letters to God in my journals and God answers.

My children have shown me how to love. I have wrapped words around my life with them and created these stories.

My friends who have left this earth the year 2000 have show me we are never separated because love and memories keep us together"

In 2001, Nettie recorded a CD comprised of some of her favorite writings. You should be able to hear her voice by clicking on the title of the track listed below.
If you have a good snapshot of Nettie and would like to have it included here, send it as an attachment to for consideration.
In Loving Memory
Nettie Morse
This was during our journaling class (that we started @ DeJaVu and moved to Peggy's house. Journaling happen to fall on Nettie's 77th birthday so we got her a cake and Peggy found this crazy "Miss Millipede" hat. Priceless photo, and I wanted to share it!